About Us

GAMMATRADE S.A. is a company specialized on the import and distribution of personal care products. Founded with 100% ecuadorian capital, intitiating activities in 2002. 

Currently the exclusive distribtutor in Ecuador of the following corporations: PACIFIC WORLD CO., PARIS PRESENTS INC., PDC BRANDS, L&P SALES, CENTURA BRANDS INC., and HEAROS LLC.

In 2013 our Principal Shareholder, together with ecuadorian and peruvian parters constituted the company GAMMA TRADE PERU S.A.C, Which maintains exclusive distribution in PERU of the following corporations: PACIFIC WORLD CO., CENTURA BRANDS INC, and PARIS PRESENTS INC.


Gammatrade S.A. is an Ecuadorian company, leader in the distribution of personal care products, which seeks to distribute high quality brands with potential. Managing to have satisfied suppliers and customers, maintaining its leadership in the category.


GammatradeS.A., has as a mission to distribute high quality personal care brands, work on them and ensure that they are recognized in the country by the final consumer, with the best cost-benefit ratio.

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