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It is a brand of Pacific World Corporation, a leading company in the manufacturing of personal care tools. TRIM includes more than 100 personal care tools used by millions of consumers around the world that have been manufactured to strict quality standards since 1947.


It is a brand of Paris Presents Incorporated, a company that creates and distributes high quality personal care products and beauty products around the world. Since its launch in 2011, Real Techniques has been part of the online beauty industry with phenomenal products accompanied by advice from expert makeup artists such as the sisters Sam and Nic Chapman.


It is a brand of Paris Presents Incorporated, a company that creates and distributes high-quality beauty products and personal care accessories around the world.  Since its launch in 2008, it has seen tremendous growth with new beauty products being added every year.


It offers innovative products for your bath and daily body care. Our extensive collection of cleansing essentials elevates your bath and shower experience with convenient solutions to give your skin a younger, smoother appearance.


Conair Corporation  is one of the world's largest and most diversified consumer products companies. This global leader in the manufacture and distribution of personal care, grooming, health and beauty products, as well as high-quality appliances, tools and cookware, is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. Conair's passion for innovation and technology allows it to continue to produce products that exceed customer expectations.

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With the acquisition of Scünci® in 2005, Conair took the leadership position in the hair accessories market. Consumers love Scünci! Trends are always changing, and Scünci, creator of the original Scrunchie and still famous for its iconic creation, caters to them all, with a virtually unlimited number of essential hair accessories in lines designed for individual styles and tastes.


Eylure  is one of the best known brands of false eyelashes. Its great variety of models stands out, to which the limited edition collections are added. Eylure classifies its lashes by style and function, so we find false lashes from the most natural to the most dramatic, going through the best models to give volume, length, definition or texture.


They are high quality artificial nails, with a variety of designs and colors, always innovating with new fashion trends.  ELEGANT TOUCH is a brand of  PDC Brands, one of the fastest growing beauty companies in the world, with a portfolio of leading brands in different categories such as cosmetics, hair, fragrances, bath, etc.


Blossom® is a brand of L&P Sales, a company founded in 2003 based in Los Angeles, CA.  For more than a decade L&P Sales has specialized in distributing high quality accessories and cosmetics to the Beauty Supplies industry in the United States. In 2016 Blossom® was introduced in Ecuador with excellent acceptance.  


Earplug company founded on April 4, 1992. It has the philosophy of offering the best quality. Providing optimal protection, sensitivity and fit. At HEAROS we love what we do and we have a purpose behind all our work. 

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